Welcome to the Wasatch Free Flight Group. We are not a school or an official organization…just a few local pilots wanting to share our own experiences and knowledge to help others fly safely through our mountains. Here in Utah we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains the Rockies have to offer. Mountain flying is beautiful, amazing, unique, but also very challenging.  In order to fly safely in the mountains a whole new skill set is needed.  As pilots, we cannot provide you with that skill set, as it only comes with experience and time, but we can offer our knowledge as we all get out and fly together in a mentor type atmosphere. After all we feel that flying with experienced pilots ultimately leads us all to become a better safer pilots.

So if you are trying to expand your horizons or looking for a group of experienced paraglider pilots to fly with, you have come to the right place. If you are from out of town, let us know your plans (via pilot talk) as there is usually always someone willing to fly with you.

We are not affiliated with USHPA nor any local club, however to fly in Utah you must be a USHPA rated and insured pilot! If you are looking to fly some of the more established sites like Point of the Mountain you must also be a member of the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (UHGPGA).